The development of decentralized finance has led to the creation of a completely new investment market that combines DeFi technologies with a traditional venture approach.

The synergy of these two directions allows you to choose the most suitable option for investing funds, even with a minimum budget of $1. We will elaborate further on how decentralized autonomous venture platforms work today and why cross investment technologies will become popular in the near future.

How Decentralized Investment is changing the world of finance

For a long time the venture capital investment market was closed to small and medium-sized investors, making it nearly impossible to buy shares from large companies like Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, and others. The amounts of 5 to 10 thousand dollars were not even considered on Wall Street, and there was not even a chance to participate in the management of a fund and investing as part of aninvestor pool.

The creation of DeFi technology has fundamentally changed the world of investing. Thanks to decentralized finance, new opportunities have appeared for making money on trading project tokens, liquidity farming, staking and other functions that were not previously available to a wide range of consumers. Experts are confident that the development of Cross Investment technologies will completely change the approaches to the stock and token market.

"Our platform DAO.VC became one of the first Cross Investment projects. Users can invest from $5,000 in traditional startups through a venture fund registered in Luxembourg, or invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain startup projects and receive 10% of the capital of IT startups or 10% of blockchain project tokens, as well as 10% of the success fee. In addition, you can also invest directly in the platform itself DAO.VC, making a profit from the earnings of the site as a business, " explains the founder and CEO of DAO.VC, Georgy Galoyan.

At the moment, the government is preparing to conduct public sales of DAO.VC tokens, which will provide access to the management of the platform, participation in the distribution of funds from the activities of the social network and the marketplace, as well as the selection of startups for investment.

"We closed the previous two tokensales ahead of schedule and attracted more than $1 million of investment. Such investor activity proves that decentralized autonomous venture platforms are popular among crypto and traditional investors, " says Geori Galoyan.

Speaking about the success of the project, the expert focuses on the availability of investments for everyone. For example, the minimum amount of investment on the DAO.VC blockchain platform is only $1. This is a great start for those who do not yet have investment skills, but really want to learn. To become a member of the DAO.VC, you need to purchase project tokens, which allow you to get various privileges for users.

DAO.VC-governance token

The owners of the governance token participate in the distribution of profits from the platform's activities and participate in the formation of the concept and pricing of all paid functions of the platform.

vcDAO-a token of the blockchain venture pool

A tokenized pool, from which the acceleration and holding of tokensales for blockchain projects are paid, as well as allocation at early stages is paid for projects that organize their own tokensale independently. This token is a portfolio that is filled with all the tokens that the 

DAO.VC invests in and the tokens of projects that are being accelerated.

vcUSD-payment token ( stablecoin )

This token is an internal means of payment and a bonus system for rewarding the owners of the government token and a reward system for the partner program. It provides a good balance for the owners of the government tokens as all users of the platform and the marketplace pay for the service, as it is available for instant exchange (swap) to USDT and withdrawal to MetaMask. It is a stablecoin backed by 100% USDT.

The public sale of the DAO.VC government token is scheduled for September 5th. To participate in the tokensale, you need to fill out a special form, since the number of allocations is strictly limited.

Hardcore Fighting Championship selects DAO.VC

The largest Russian professional fist fighting league Hardcore Fighting Championship has chosen the DAO.VC platform as a provider of the tokensale, which will start in September of this year.

"It is a great honor and a great responsibility for us to work with such a company as Hardcore Fighting Championship. At the moment, we are preparing to launch a tokensale: we create the necessary information and legal documents, launch a website, communicate with investors and form a single marketing and PR campaign. In other words, we provide a full range of turnkey services for each of our clients, " says Georgy Galoyan.

In the near future, the DAO.VC company plans to scale business to other countries and providing tools for tokenizing exclusive content from leading celebrities and creators of the CIS and Europe.